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At 21e6 Capital AG, we believe that digital assets are evolving into a new, established asset class. Based on this conviction, our team aggregates in-depth knowledge and investment know-how and has collected vast amounts of data on the 1,000 crypto funds in the ecosystem. Our crypto-specific due diligence process allows us to analyze and evaluate funds and their investments in a highly effective and efficient manner to identify the ideal investment targets.

Years of experience and empirical research bolster our proposal that investors desire a single access point to the highly fragmented but alpha-rich crypto fund ecosystem, compliant with the highest regulatory standards. 21e6 Capital AG has analyzed around 1,000 crypto funds worldwide and has condensed them to a select few that can yield crypto-exposure with minimized downside risk.

Such a portfolio could offer the following characteristics in a single uncomplicated investment for the professional investor:

Exploiting the low correlation between digital and traditional assets to improve risk-adjusted returns.

Accessing multiple strategies such as quantitative, market-neutral, long-only and long-short.

Investing in the best crypto fund managers globally.

State-of-the-art risk management to minimize drawdowns common in the crypto-sphere.

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