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Due Diligence for Crypto Hedge Funds

Investing in crypto hedge funds can be complex and risky. Our comprehensive Operational and Investment Due Diligence service provides you with the critical information you need to make informed investment decisions.

Our Process

21e6 Capital's experienced team performs this process, leveraging our comprehensive crypto fund database with unmatched data quality for over 1,100 global crypto funds.

1. Scoping call (free of charge)

To identify suitable crypto hedge funds that align with your investment objectives. 

2. Due Diligence Questionnaire

We administer a comprehensive questionnaire with over 130 questions to the fund, covering all aspects of its operations and investments.

3. Analysis of Answers

We conduct a thorough analysis of the fund's responses, drawing on our deep expertise in crypto hedge funds.

4. Due Diligence Call

We hold a call with the fund's management team to discuss their responses to the questionnaire, ask critical follow-up questions, and gain further insights.

5. Final Report Preparation

We compile our findings and analysis into a final report, which includes an executive summary, a confidence score from 1 to 10, and a short profile of the fund.

What We Analyze

Strategy & Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Evaluation of the fund's investment strategy and its unique value proposition in the market.
  • Analysis of the fund's competitive positioning and differentiation to its direct peers.


  • Detailed analysis of the fund's historical performance, including returns, volatility, and risk-adjusted performance.
  • Benchmarking of the fund's performance against its peers and relevant market indices.


  • Assessment of the fund's technology infrastructure, including custody and security measures for crypto assets.
  • Evaluation of the fund's cybersecurity measures, including security governance systems.
  • Review of the fund's use of Portfolio Management Systems (PMS) and Order and Execution Management Systems (OEMS).


  • Review of the experience, track record, and crypto knowledge of the fund's management team.
  • Negative news check about the management team. Have any team members been involved in questionable activities in the past?
  • Assessment of the team's alignment of interests with investors.

Risk Management

  • Evaluation of the fund's counterparty exposure, including relationships with exchanges, OTC desks, and other counterparties.
  • Review of the fund's volatility management strategies, including use of hedging and derivatives.
  • Analysis of any rules-based risk management, such as position limits, exposure limits, and stop-loss orders.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Assessment of the fund's compliance with relevant regulations, with a particular focus on the crypto-friendliness of the regulatory environment.
  • Review of the fund's audit history, including dates and outcomes of audits.

Service Providers

  • Review of the fund's relationships with key service providers, such as administrators, depository banks, legal advisors, and auditors.
  • Assessment of the fund's due diligence processes for selecting and monitoring service providers.

Fund Terms

  • Analysis of the fund's subscription and redemption terms, with a focus on liquidity.
  • Review of the fund's fee structure, including management fees and performance fees.
  • Evaluation of any lock-up periods and their implications for investors.

Incident Response Plans

  • Evaluation of the fund's plans for ensuring business continuity in the event of disruptions or crises.
  • Review of the fund's disaster recovery and incident response plans.

What We Deliver To You

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Final Report

A comprehensive report detailing our findings and analysis. This includes an in-depth review of the fund's strategy, performance, technology, team, risk management, regulatory compliance, service providers, fund terms, and incident response plans.

Executive Summary

A concise summary of the key findings from our due diligence, providing a quick overview of our assessment of the fund.


A score from 1 to 10, providing a quick reference of our assessment of the fund. The score is based on our analysis of the fund's responses to the questionnaire and our due diligence call.

Short Profile

A brief profile of the fund, highlighting its key characteristics and features. This provides a snapshot of the fund that can be easily shared with others.

Due Diligence Call Recording

A recording of our due diligence call with the fund's management team, providing a transparent record of our conversation.


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