Next Generation Crypto Sector Indices Presented at Crypto Assets Conference

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Nov 14, 2022 9:49:12 AM

Felix Fernandez, CEO of 21e6 Capital, presented a new approach to creating a crypto-index benchmark during the first day of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC) in October 2022: Next Generation Crypto Sector Indices by 21e6 Capital.

Some people simply invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum; or certificates/trackers with an ISIN number. While this can be a good strategy, how can investors monitor an entire coherent group of crypto assets? Like an "industry" in the traditional world, where we have the automotive industry, the energy industry, … just for crypto assets. For this purpose, 21e6 Capital proposes "crypto sectors" and crypto sector indices.

Through combining the quantitative excellence of OpenMetrics Solutions with classification standards developed by the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA), the new index family allows for less concentration in top components (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), strong outlier resistance, and the ability to invest in different coherent sectors of the market. 

You can now watch a YouTube recording (15 min.) from the live presentation held at the CAC recently. Simply click on the image to start watching:

The crypto sectors are based on the International Token Classification (ITC), a highly systematic framework by ITSA with 10 dimensions used to classify tokens. In Germany, WM Datenservice, a major distributor for financial data and the national numbering agency for ISINs, has already integrated ITC/ITSA data.

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About 21e6

21e6 Capital is a Swiss investment advisor, connecting professional investors with tailor-made crypto investment products. We focus on risk management of crypto and digital asset exposure for family offices and institutional investors. Our expertise in crypto asset management stems from a team combining decades of experience in traditional financial services with native and in-depth knowledge in digital assets.

21e6 Capital has analyzed over 1,000 crypto hedge funds across the world and condensed them into a selection that can yield crypto-exposure with minimized downside risk. Our risk management solution, provided by OpenMetrics Solutions, is also trusted by the largest Swiss pension funds.

The 21e6 Capital team builds upon strong academic roots with a track record of leading crypto asset and decentralized finance (DeFi) publications and research, ensuring state-of-the-art crypto investment solutions for professional investors, family offices and asset managers.

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