21e6 Metaverse Token Index

Invest in the Metaverse market

We believe that carefully selected Metaverse cryptocurrency tokens hold the most promising investment opportunities for returns within the Metaverse token market. Therefore, a Metaverse token fund or a Metaverse index would be a logical choice.

Index Simulation

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21e6 Metaverse Token Index Description

How can investors invest in the Metaverse? We argue that the true upside potential lies in carefully selected Metaverse tokens. This is also the reason why we at 21e6 Capital believe that a metaverse index makes sense.

Together with ITSA and Adaptivv, we are creating a sophisticated and future-proof Metaverse index logic to provide a lucrative opportunity to invest in Metaverse tokens.

The index logic utilizes the International Token Classification (R) Framework by ITSA to exclude any crypto assets using a proof-of-work-based consensus mechanism. The index constituents are weighted according to the Smart Capital Weights system developed by Adaptivv, resulting in a true and diversified market representation. You can learn more about how we chose the index constituents and about ITSA and Adaptivv here.

Quick Facts

  • Rebalancing frequency: quarterly
  • Constituent re-assessment: quarterly
  • Currency: USD


21e6 Capital Metaverse Index (USD)

Bitcoin (USD)

64.20 27.75
110.54 70.72
-93.84 -74.27
Sharpe Ratio 0.58 0.39
0.80 0.50


Metaverse Sample Portfolio






The Sandbox Price (SAND) The Sandbox SAND 13.99%
Decentraland Price (MANA) Decentraland MANA 13.76%
Flow Price (FLOW) Flow FLOW 13.03%
Theta Network Price (THETA) Theta Network THETA


Axie Infinity Price (AXS) Axie Infinity AXS 12.26%
Klaytn Price (KLAY) Klaytn KLAY 9.91%
Chiliz Price (CHZ) Chiliz CHZ 8.45%
Enjin Coin Price (ENJ) Enjin Coin ENJ 5.12%
Theta Fuel Price (TFUEL) Theta Fuel TFUEL 4.13%

All data as of: March 2023

Presenting our Metaverse Index Concept at CAC23A

Maximilian Bruckner held a keynote about investing in the Metaverse and presented a novel index approach during the second day of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC) in March 2023. Learn more about our Metaverse token index concept by watching the video:

The Metaverse is disrupting many sectors

Invest in the future

There are now more than 500 companies that are actively working on the Metaverse, at least half of them using blockchain technology. These companies range from small startups to large corporations which provide a solid base for different investment opportunities in the Metaverse. 

Metaverse use cases:

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Retail Experiences

Learn more about the Metaverse investment opportunities here.